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LED Light Up Sign

Blonde Salvage

Regular price $174.99
LED Light Up Sign
Please give Blonde Salvage at least 3 week for this product to be made. The date selected will the the date Blonde Salvage will ship out.
Please upload the logo you want to put on your sign!
Please type if you want a species you want or just the logo cut out.
If you have anything special you want to add to the product.
Available with 4 Species (Pig, Steer/heifer/, Sheep, or Goat) or available to cut out in the shape of your logo. Each sign will vary in size depending on species or logo but will not exceed 30" x 20". Govee Led lights are used on the sign which can be controlled with an app or able to plug in and use without the app.  Not suitable for exposure to rain for extreme sun.  Suitable to hang your sign under a covered porch or inside a barn.

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